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  "Specializing in Wood, Synthetic, and Rubber Sports Surfaces."

As a Robbins Authorized dealer, American Sport Floors is host to The Robbins Institute. The Robbins Institute is where you can truly get the low down on high tech sport floors. We know purchasing a gym floor is a large investment, and one that should be made with as much knowledge as possible. A visit to our institute, can clear up the mass of information you are hit with, when trying to design a facility and pick a floor. It is amazing the amount of time spent on wall colors, window treatments, block design, etc, but how little time is spent on the floor system. Just asking for "wood", or "synthetic", isn't good enough anymore. While they all look the same from above, it's truly' what's below the floor that counts. Shock absorption can run from 0%, (concrete) to 71% (aerobics). Knowing what the floor will be used for, budget constraints, etc, should all be weighed in picking a floor system. This is where a visit to The Robbins Institute can clear up the confusion. You will be able to run, jump, pick up (or apart), check construction design, pad design, view test data, videos, everything needed to make a wise and informed decision on your purchase. Take the guess work out of the purchase, and test drive the floor before you buy it! 

            Whether your an Athletic Director, Coach, Aerobics Instructor, Health Club Owner, Building and Grounds Manager, School or Town Official, Architect, or City Purchaser, the Robbins Institute can make your decision an informed and educated one. Let us help you get your project off on the right foot!











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